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Seika Sangyo GmbH is the official European distributor of Hohsen Corporation.

Hohsen’s coin cell parts, which have contributed to the battery research field in the world for a long time, are highly reliable and have been delivered to more than 70 customers in the European market alone.

Coin Cell Parts Inventory

We have stocks of CR2032 parts in our German warehouse and we can meet the needs of a wide variety of customers, such as standard products, custom-made special materials, and special thicknesses.

CR2032 Coin Cell PartsCap/SUS316L, Case/SUS316L, Gasket/PP
Disk Spacer16mmDia × 1.0mmT/0.5mmT/0.3mmT /SUS316L
Wave Washer15mmDia × 1.4mmH/ SUS316L
CR2032 Coin Cell Parts with Al CVD (NEW!)Cap/SUS316L, Case/SUS316L with Al CVD (Deposited), Gasket/PP
Our Germany Warehouse Inventory

Special Evaluation Cells

HS-Flat CellThe HS-Flat Cell is an ideal model cell to simulate coin cells using O-rings and a spring with reproducibility. Easy to assemble or disassemble with four butterfly nuts.
HS-3E CellKeeping the same structure of HS Flat Cell, a reference electrode is inserted to measure a single potential.
KP-Solid CellBy enclosing the measurement sample in this jig under an inert gas such as a glove box, it is possible to measure the electrical characteristics in an environment where the air is shut off.

Various types of Cell Parts

Coin Cell PartsCR2016, CR2025, CR2032, etc.
Coin Cell Parts with special materialsAl-deposited, Al-made, Heat resistant material, Rare metal, etc.
Cylindrical cell 18650 kitCase, Cap, with safety vent, Gasket, Center pin
Pouch film for Pouch cell
Sealant tab for Pouch cell

Electrode and other materials

Coated Electrode for LiBOne / Two -side Coated, Positive/Negative Electrode, etc.
FoilAl-foil, Cu-foil, etc.

And More!

We supply the highest-quality materials on the market in tailor-made quantities according to customer’s request.

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