Motorless single axis robots

The brandnew motorless single axis actuator Robonity series gives you the free choice of your motor and driver system. There is no need for costly trainings anymore because you can still use your former control & programming environment. You can select between two types:

Basic model LBAS

Newly designed integrated guide rail/frame structure with high rigidity. Improved moment load capacity in compact frame size. Designed to accommodate motors from most leading manufacturers.

  • Maximum payload:2 kg to 100 kg
  • Maximum speed:133 to 1,333 mm/sec
  • Stroke:50 to 1,100 mm
  • Max. repeated positioning accuracy: +- 0.01 mm

Advanced model LGXS

Higher efficiency, accuracy, and reliability from ground ball screw. Ideal for base axis of multi-axis configuration. A cleanroom ready design with its protective stainless dust shield and its ports which are ready for vacuum fittings. The motorless linear axes with the world’s shortest design in proportion to the stroke.

  • Maximum payload:2 kg to 160 kg
  • Maximum speed:300 to 2,400 mm/sec
  • Stroke:50 to 1,450 mm
  • Max. repeated positioning accuracy: +- 0.005 mm


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