Infrared Multiple-constituents Analyzer (Chino IRMD)

Chino Infrared Multiple-constituents Analyzer

IRMD is designed to measure a product constituent and/or thickness in explosive atmospheres. and it is used in-line process.

What can IRMD do? 1) thickness measurement, 2) check water content, 3) color detection.

  • EU-Type Examination certificate Number: SCA20ATEX069X
  • Up to 10 wavelengths capable of measuring 4-constituent
  • High-speed & High-repeatability (28ms)


Setting Display UnitIRGMEG3R

General Specifications (Detector)

Measuring systemInfrared absorption type
Measuring WavelengthUp to 10 wavelengths
Measuring ComponentUp to 4 constituents
Measuring Area/Distance50 x 50mm area at 300mm in distance
Analog output and Communications Interface4 to 20mA DC/RS-485 modbus
Output Renewal Cycle28ms
Computing2-color or 3-color ratio calculation/Multiple regression calculation
No. of Calibration CurveUp to 99 curves
CalibrationCalibration can be done with checking plate
Self-diagnosticOutputs contact signal and communications when abnormal conditions
Correction InputCompensate measured value by external 4 to 20mA DC
External DI/DODi (contact input): Perform either one of preset, data-hold or real/smoothing
DO (contact output): Selects self-diagnostic (1b) or Hi/Low alarm (1a)
Working Temperature0 to 45°C
Power Supply24V DC
CasingAluminum casting
WeightApprox. 10Kg
Protective ClassificationII 2G x db op is II B T5 Gb
Certification NumberSCA20ATEX069X

General Specifications (Setting display Unit)

Input signalRS-485 from detector, Max 9 devices can be connected
Output signal(1)Analog signal: 4 to 20mADC, Three outputs
(2)Communications interface: RS232C
DisplayMeasured value, Detector No., Channel No., Parameter display
Power suppl100 to 240V AC 50/60Hz
WeightApprox. 0.6 kg
Moisture measurement for incinerator ash
Moisture measurement/ Sugar production
Moisture in Soap pellet
Moisture in 200 proof ethanol
Moisture in raw material for sintering application

T Die extrusion film thickness measurement

Moisture in particle board chips
Biaxial stretching film thickness before and after stretching

other applications (paper/film/Cement raw clay/ feed stock/cleaning solution/ milk powder/DDG etc…)