SAYAKA (router machine)

Sayaka Router machine /PCB separator

SAYAKA PBC Router (Depaneling)

Benefits of PCB depaneling

There is no better way to depanel a printed circuit board than with the Sayaka Router machine. This PCB depaneler is the answer for hassle-free PCB depaneling through the employment of a router bit that minimizes stress on components. The high speed spindle included in the machine speeds up cutting and maintains precision, while also allowing for flexible panel designs with various cutting patterns. Our PCB Router Machine will also cut down on bit replacement with our router bit depth adjustment system, which automatically shifts up to 5 depth levels. The PCB router bit maximum cutting speed is 50mm per second, while the traveling speed is a maximum of 800mm per second. With a built-in fixture based dust vacuum system, the PCB Depaneling system is sure to be clean and efficient. This prevents warping, and takes full advantage of vacuum strength for the most effectual dust collection.

Key feature of Sayaka router machine

  • Solution for stress free depanelization
  • Fixture-based highly efficient dust vacuum system
  • Clean and precise depanelization for densely populated PCBs
  • Advanced image-processing software offers point-and-click operation for programming router paths
  • Automatic alignment compensation by CCD camera
  • User-friendly operation
  • Extended bit life by automatic router bit depth adjustment
  • Improved tact time
  • Low maintenance required
  • Reasonable price

Specification of our router machine

Product List

  • SAM-CT 23NJ
  • SAM-CT 34NJ
  • SAM-CT 56NJ
  • Table Top type (SAM-CT23Q)
  • Table Top type with CCD camera (SAM-CT23S) /New release

Sayaka Router machine 23NJ


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Flyer SAM-CT 23Q (table top type)

Flyer SAM-CT 23S table top type with CCD camera)

Flyer SAM-CT 23NJ-34NJ-56NJ