Linear motor axis with outstanding features

The PHASER series provide superb performance in long distance transport due to YAMAHA’s in-house linear motor technology.

Unlike to ball screw systems, there is no reduction in the maximum speed even when travelling long distances which results in a significant improvement of the cycle time.

By using YAMAHA’s patented magnetic scale and other in-house design components, cost factor and performance are combined in a desirable way. Therefore PHASER robots can have cost advantages even when used in standard applications.


  • long stroke and high performance through flat motor with metal core
  • motor with magnetic shank: lightweight, compact and minimized snapping


Maximum stroke: 4050 mm
Maximum speed: 2500 m/s
Repeated positioning accuracy: ±5 µm
Maximum payload: 160 kgs

160 kg maximum payload capacity of MF type

The MF robot adopts a flat type magnet. It can transfer heavy object with high speed and high accuracy.

Standard dual carrier set-up

YAMAHA Phaser robots are available in single and dual carrier specification as standard. More carriers can be added depending on the stroke length. Compared to the use of two single axis robots, a dual carrier set-up combines many advantages, for instance the possibility to use the same tools for both carriers and reduction of space, costs and set-up time. The anti-collision function of the RCX controller ensures a safe and smooth operation.

Lower noise level and longer service life

Comparing with ball screw type robots, there are fewer sliding and rotating parts, so the operation is amazingly quiet. Because coil and magnet are free of contact, the whole system is wearless and requires very low maintenance.

Example application


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