Multi-ways Rework Stations

Multi-ways Rework Stations

Main specifications (option item)

Board Size400x500mm
Board SpaceTop: ≤ 40mm / Bottom ≤ 25mm
Board Holder4 arms lock
BGA Size2~50 mm
(Chip Size Parts)01005 μ or more space
Top Heater
By N2 Gas
Hot Air 1080VA (IR 800VA : Possible)
Bottom HeaterIR Halogen 1000VA 150x320mm (wide bottom 2700VA 270 x 450mm)
Temp. ControllerSensor K type for controller x 2 / measuring x 4 / 6 colors
Auto-ProfilerPID Logic Controller
Temp. Control StepAuto mode:4+1 / M mode:6
Ranges300°C x 500 seconds max. 6CH 6 Colors Graph
Operationkeyboard and Touch-Panel
Control Data CapacityWindows10/1GH/SSD/120GB
Analyzer SoftwareAnalysis Output A4 Color.
File save50GB/SSD/35B/file
Z Axis ControlStepping Motor Control 10μ /pulse
Vertical Accuracy≤ ± 20 μ m
OperationTop Origin/Joystick operation by 4 steps
Safety Limit≤ 40g
XY TablePulse motor control with Joystick x 5 Steps + Pulse step
Level Accuracy≤ ± 20 μ m / operation : 10 μ m/pulse
Moving Range400 x 500mm
Vision Systemx72max Auto-Focus / (CCD Camera Control)
(External Camera)(2 Million pixel CCD Camera with movable rail)
Dimension1000W x 800D x 900Hmm
Weight95Kg Approx.
PowerAC200˜240V 2.5KVA Single Phase (4.5KVA)
Air0.5~0.8Mpa Dry & Clean 150L/min or more.
Safety Control.Pass-word, Emergency SW/Interlock etc.

The specifications are subject to change without notice

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