Router bits (IRD Ø0.5~3.175 / IDD Ø1.0~2.0 / IDL Ø 1.6)

Diamond Cut Router bits made of cemented carbide is the most commonly used routing tool in printed circuit board processing. It places emphasis on processing surface roughness, chip evacuation, and tool life, and raises the cutting needle according to the direction of twist of the main cutting edge. There is an IRD Type that discharges, an IDD Type that discharges downward, and an IDL Type that processes while the router bits rotate to the left.

Cat. No.φ Diameterlength (mm)
IRD 0500.53.5
IRD 0600.63.5
IRD 0700.74.0
IRD 0800.85.5
IRD 0900.96.0
IRD 1101.06.0
IRD 1201.26.5
IRD 1301.36.5
IRD 1401.46.5
IRD 1501.57.5
IRD 1601.68.0
IRD 1701.78.5
IRD 1801.88.5
IRD 1901.98.5
IRD 2002.08.5
IRD 2302.39.0
IRD 2402.49.0
IRD 2502.510.0
IRD 31753.17510.0
IDD 1001.06.0
IDD 1201.26.5
IDD 1501.56.5
IDD 1601.68.0
IDD 2002.08.5