YAMAHA Motor Adds LBAR and ABAR Rod Types to Robonity Series

Slider type lineup gains slimmer LBAS12 and ABAS12 models

YAMAHA Motor Europe Robotics, FA Section announced today that its Robotics Operations has added new rod type models to the basic model lineup of the Robonity industrial robot series and that slimmer models with reduced height will be added to the existing lineup of slider types. These additions to the Robonity Series will expand it to 29 models, offering clients an even greater range of products to choose from.

The Robonity Series includes motorless single-axis actuators that enable clients to use motors and drivers they are accustomed to and single-axis robots that are bundled with the EP-01 robot positioner. The Series is composed of “basic models” featuring high rigidity, compact construction, and low cost, and “advanced models” boasting high precision, high durability, and cleanroom-ready specifications, allowing clients to select models that best suit their needs.

Newly added to the basic model range are the LBAR motorless single-axis rod type actuator and the ABAR single-axis rod type robot. Their main features include 1) a built-in linear guide design that ensures rigidity so that straight-line performance is unaffected even when a radial load is applied and high operational precision with ±0° rod non-rotating accuracy, 2) construction contributing to equipment downsizing with a size some 65% more compact compared to conventional models, and 3) support for long strokes up to 800 mm.

Added to the slider type lineup are the slimmer LBAS12 motorless single-axis actuator and ABAS12 single-axis robot. Greater stability has been achieved by reviewing the design and reducing the height. These are ideal when used for the X-axis of Cartesian robots and also contribute to overall downsizing.

Main Features of Robonity Series’ LBAR and ABAR Rod Type Models

High-rigidity specification with built-in linear guide:

Thanks to the one-piece construction with built-in linear guide, straight-line performance is not impaired even when a radial load is applied. Further, juddering in the direction of rotation is inhibited and tools attached to the tip of the rod achieve ±0° of non-rotating accuracy. It also becomes possible to eliminate the need for an external guide, which saves on the time, effort, and cost involved in installing one.

Approx. 65% greater compactness than conventional models:

Compared to a conventional model (TRANSERVO Series SRD05), a LBAR05 of the same size is some 65% narrower in width. This contributes to the downsizing of factory equipment.

Supports long strokes:

Features a maximum stroke of 800 mm. Compared to a conventional model (TRANSERVO Series SRD05), a LBAR05 of the same size supports approximately twice its stroke capability at 600 mm.

Main Features of Robonity Series’ LBAS12 and ABAS12 Slim Slider Type Models

  • Slim construction enables a lower center of gravity, making

By completely reviewing the design, external width has been reduced to 120 mm and the height lowered to 76 mm, thereby contributing to the downsizing of facility equipment. In add, the center of gravity is lower thanks to the slimmer construction, making the unit ideal for use as the X-axis of a Cartesian robot. It can also be used across a wide range of situations as it is compatible with both 200W and 400W motors with the same frame width.

  • Simulator makes it easier to select optimum specifications

You can check projected cycle time and ball screw life by entering basic parameters into the simulator on the website.